Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and
promote lifelong
learning opportunities
for all.

prioritizing education,
inspiring change

The region of Tharparkar has long been educationally deprived of good educational systems since schools are few and enrollment very low. Even in comparison with the rates in other parts of the province of Sindh, students here drop out more frequently to contribute to the limited family incomes. Consequently, the literacy rates are one of the lowest in the province.

n order to combat this pattern, SDG4 ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and access to a functional schooling experience for local children and youth. promote lifelong opportunities for all. The Thar Foundation is establishing a network of schools in the main towns of Thar and around Islamkot, which will focus on providing affordable, quality primary and secondary education.


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aduit literacy centres

To this effect, the Thar Foundation has partnered with one of the leading education sector NGOs and - The Citizens Foundation (TCF) – a leading organization working in the education sector which has an experience of establishing established over 1,500 schools across Pakistan with a focus on providing quality, low cost education to the underprivileged. Together with TCF, Thar Foundation has demonstrated a keen resolve to improve the educational statistics of the region by establishing a network of primary and secondary school units.

To date the Foundation has established a network of 24 school units and plans to increase these to around 40 school units by 2019. These schools are jointly managed by Thar Foundation, TCF and Charter for Compassion. – resolved to work together to improve the education in the region.

The Thar Foundation is also working on education endeavors at the macro level by developing a more comprehensive, transitional approach towards medium/language of instruction. In this connection, the Foundation is sponsoring adoption of 3-Language Formula in Thar Foundation-sponsored schools which entails graduating students to learn in their mother tongue (Sindhi); national language (Urdu) and eventually learning in the universal language (English).

To nurture the Thari youth to become empowered professionals, Thar Foundation is also working to establish avenues of higher learning for the youth in Thar. In collaboration with the Higher Education Commission, Thar Foundation aims to establish a world-class campus of NED University at Islamkot. Development has already begun for this initiative. Moreover, the Thar Foundation has partnered with institutes like the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) to provide various higher education opportunities for the Thari youth.